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How to Clean a Shaggy Rug: A Step-by-Step Guide

Can I power wash my shaggy rug?

Indoor rugs made of synthetic materials like polypropylene and polyester can stand up to the power of the pressure washer. However, other materials like wool, jute, sisal, and other natural fibers are often sensitive to excessive water or too much water pressure.

How do you restore a matted shaggy rug?

How to Fluff Matted Down Shaggy Rug Parts. A helpful strategy for restoring fluff to your shaggy rug is to place an ice cube on to those areas that have been pressed down by furniture or for other reasons. To do this place the ice cube onto those dented areas and let it melt completely over time.

How do you clean a furry rug at home?

Two tablespoons of liquid soap combined with six cups of warm water can be mixed in a bucket and then applied to the rug with a dry cloth or soft-bristled brush. Dab the rug with some pressure 2-3 times per spot and avoid scrubbing, since this can damage the fur.

Are shaggy rugs still in style?

Adding a happy, soft shag rug to the center of your living space is one of the best ways to achieve this – along with some awesome blankets and throws. Shag carpets aren’t what they were in the 70’s they have now evolved to fit the modern home’s aesthetic, and they are back with a vengeance.

How do you clean a large shaggy rug at home?

Steam-clean a shaggy rug once or twice a year, as it becomes soiled or when it is stained, using a steam-cleaning machine, hot tap water and a non-foaming carpet detergent after vacuuming the rug. Dry the rug by using a fan to blow air across it for a couple of hours.

Can you steam clean a shaggy rug?

A steam cleaner can be a good option to clean your shaggy rug thoroughly. It is an easier method to get rid of all odors, dust, and other dirt settled deep inside. To carry out the process successfully, first, vacuum it thoroughly. A vacuumed rug gets better cleaning with a steam cleaner.

How do you keep a shaggy rug nice?

Never put a shag rug in the washer or dryer! Clean all area rugs once a year. Restore fluff to a hand-knotted wool rug by gently brushing with a soft brush. Hang your rug outdoors for 2-3 hours of sunlight a couple of times a year to kill any mold and bacteria that may harm your fibers.

Does baking soda clean carpet?

Keep your carpets looking and smelling their best with nothing more than baking soda! Regular vacuuming is essential, but deep cleaning can be expensive. Adding a sprinkle of baking soda to the mix will help remove stains, dirt and neutralise odours caused by everyday wear-and-tear like shoes, pets or food spills.

Can you shave down a shaggy rug?

REDUCE PILE By shaving off the thick piles of your rug your rug will not only become more vibrant and sleek, but it will almost occupy less space in your decor, allowing the design to shine through!

How to clean a dirty rug by hand?

Wash the rug Using a sponge or soft-bristle brush, work the cleaning solution into a lather on the rug. Let the cleaner sit on the rug for a five minutes before you start rinsing. Anything less than that and you’ll shortchange the cleaning process. Give it those five minutes to set in and start lifting away dirt.

How to clean a polyester shaggy rug?

Deep Cleaning A Polyester Rug Mix a small amount of mild soap or rug cleaner with warm or cold water in a bucket. Test the soap mixture in a small corner of the rug to be sure the soap doesn’t affect the color of the rug. Let the soap sit for a few minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly.

Can matted down carpet be saved?

Regular vacuuming and professional cleaning can help fix matting. Water, heat, or steam are also effective ways to unflatten carpet.

Can you shampoo a furry rug?

Shag rugs, because of their long pile, should not be deep cleaned at home; excess water can damage the fibers, and the process itself will be messy, tedious work. Instead of a carpet cleaning machine, use dry carpet shampoo granules to deep clean a shag rug.

Can I wash a furry rug?

When a deeper cleaning is needed, many sheepskin rugs can be machine-washed in cold water on the delicate cycle, using a wool-safe detergent. Always check the care tag for cleaning instructions.

What are the disadvantages of shaggy rugs?

THE DOWNSIDES Perhaps the biggest downside with shaggy rugs is that they call for high maintenance. That’s because dirt tends to stick easily to the long yarn patterns. This calls for regular vacuuming and prompt removal of spills and stains. Frequent shedding is also another downside due to the long fibers.

What are the benefits of shaggy rugs?

Shag floor rugs are highly durable and are usually able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Nevertheless, it totally depends on how you can play around with different styles of shag rugs. Apart from looks wool shag rugs are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

What is a shaggy rug called?

Even Alexander the Great was a fan of the shag, but back then it was called a Flokati rug. These rugs were used so people could sit comfortably and keep their feet warm. Flokati rugs were hand woven from goat hair and were also found throughout Turkey and Central Asia as far back as 331 B.C.

Does shampooing carpet make it fluffy again?

If there is a clearly defined path of flattened carpet fibers or the entire carpet looks crushed, the resilience of the fibers can often be restored by cleaning the carpet. While you can tackle just the worst-looking areas, an overall deep clean will make the entire carpet look brighter and fluffier.

Does baking soda fluff carpet?

Baking soda and vinegar can refresh and re-fluff your whole carpet. And on top of that, it gives you a way to clean your carpet below the surface. Baking soda kills bacteria hidden in your carpet and removes bad smells.

Why is my carpet not soft after cleaning?

The biggest cause of carpet becoming crunchy and gross is simply that they were not cleaned properly. If your carpet is crunchy after getting cleaned, that means that particles of the shampoo, detergent, or chemicals that were used during the cleaning process were left behind in the carpet fibers.

Can you machine wash a furry rug?

But if you’d prefer to wash your sheepskin rug in the washing machine, you can. Just make sure to set the machine to a cool wash, generally less than 30°C, and choose a gentler cycle such as wools or delicates. Some machines also have a “hand wash” setting that might be better to use.

Can you wash a polyester shaggy rug?

Deep Cleaning A Polyester Rug Mix a small amount of mild soap or rug cleaner with warm or cold water in a bucket. Test the soap mixture in a small corner of the rug to be sure the soap doesn’t affect the color of the rug. Let the soap sit for a few minutes and then rinse it out thoroughly.

How do you keep a shaggy rug nice?

Never put a shag rug in the washer or dryer! Clean all area rugs once a year. Restore fluff to a hand-knotted wool rug by gently brushing with a soft brush. Hang your rug outdoors for 2-3 hours of sunlight a couple of times a year to kill any mold and bacteria that may harm your fibers.

How do you get the damp smell out of a shaggy rug?

In some cases, such as cleaning shaggy rugs, vacuuming the damp rug and hanging it out in the sunshine will be enough to stop the odour. To stop fading, hang the rug face up in the sun for an hour or two and then reverse until it is completely dry.

Can you use a rented carpet shampoo/steamer on a shag rug?

Never use a rented carpet shampoo/steamer on a shag rug because the suction is too harsh for the fibers. It’s best to deep clean a deep pile rug by hand using the following steps. If your shag rug is expensive, consult with a professional before doing any type of deep cleaning.

Can you deep clean a shag rug?

Do not use a carpet cleaning machine to deep clean shag, as the suction is too powerful for use on long fibers and can result in irreversible damage, including bald spots. Vacuuming is the method used for regular cleaning of a shag rug.

Should you vacuum a shag rug?

Cleaning professionals advise against vacuuming a shag rug, as suction could break the long fibers. However, it’s highly effective to turn the rug face down and vacuum its back side, keeping the pile safe while further removing deep-down dirt. This will also redistribute the tendrils from behind to fluff them up again.

How do you clean a rug?

Turn the rug over (or if the rug is too big, fold it over a section at a time to access the bottom) and change the vacuum settings to the lowest pile setting, engage the beater bar, and vacuum the underside to trap embedded dirt. Don’t forget to vacuum the flooring beneath the rug, too. Flip the rug back over and inspect it for any stains.

Here is a 676-word article on how to clean a shaggy rug, written in a spoken voice with a personal pronoun, and including a FAQ section at the end:

Cleaning a Shaggy Rug: A Step-by-Step Guide

Shaggy rugs add a cozy, inviting touch to any room, but let’s be honest – they can be a real pain to keep clean. Between all the loose fibers and the tendency to trap dirt and debris, maintaining a shaggy rug can feel like a never-ending battle. Well, fear not, my friends! I’m here to share my tried-and-true tips for getting your shaggy rug looking fresh and new again.

First things first, let’s talk about the supplies you’ll need. For this job, you’ll want to have on hand:

  • A vacuum cleaner with a hose attachment and upholstery brush
  • A stiff-bristle brush
  • A mild, gentle liquid detergent or rug shampoo
  • A clean, dry towel or two
  • Some baking soda (optional)

Now, let’s get to work! Here’s how I tackle cleaning a shaggy rug:

Step 1: Vacuum thoroughly. Start by giving the entire rug a good once-over with your vacuum cleaner. Make sure to use the hose attachment and upholstery brush to get into all those nooks and crannies where dirt and debris like to hide. Pay extra attention to the edges and corners – that’s where gunk tends to accumulate.

Step 2: Spot clean as needed. Inspect the rug closely and identify any areas that look particularly dirty or stained. For these spots, I like to use a small amount of mild liquid detergent or rug shampoo diluted in water. Gently scrub the affected area with a stiff-bristle brush, then blot with a clean, dry towel to soak up the excess moisture.

Step 3: Deodorize (optional). If your shaggy rug is starting to smell a bit funky, you can try sprinkling some baking soda over the surface and letting it sit for 15-20 minutes before vacuuming it up. The baking soda will help neutralize odors and leave your rug smelling fresh.

Step 4: Deep clean the entire rug. This is the big one, folks. To really get your shaggy rug looking and feeling its best, you’ll want to give it a thorough deep clean. Start by mixing a solution of warm water and a small amount of gentle liquid detergent or rug shampoo. Using a clean, damp sponge or cloth, gently scrub the entire surface of the rug, working in small sections. Be sure to pay extra attention to any heavily soiled areas.

Step 5: Rinse and dry. Once you’ve scrubbed the entire rug, use a clean, damp towel to blot and rinse away any remaining soap residue. Then, allow the rug to air dry completely before putting it back in place. You can speed up the drying process by placing a fan nearby or positioning the rug in a sunny spot.

And there you have it, my friends! By following these simple steps, you can have your shaggy rug looking and feeling like new in no time. Just be sure to tackle this task on a regular basis to keep your rug in tip-top shape.


Q: How often should I clean my shaggy rug?
A: I generally recommend cleaning your shaggy rug every 6-12 months, depending on the amount of foot traffic and how quickly it accumulates dirt and debris. If you have pets or children, you may need to clean it more frequently.

Q: Can I use a steam cleaner on my shaggy rug?
A: You can, but I would caution against it. The high heat and moisture from a steam cleaner can damage the delicate fibers of a shaggy rug, causing it to become stiff and lose its soft, plush texture. Stick to the gentle, manual cleaning methods I described for best results.

Q: What’s the best way to maintain my shaggy rug in between deep cleanings?
A: Regular vacuuming is key! Be sure to hit your shaggy rug with the vacuum at least once a week, if not more often. This will help keep the surface free of dirt, dust, and debris. You can also spot clean any spills or stains as soon as they happen to prevent them from setting in.

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