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How to Clean Fabric Roller Blinds: A Step-by-Step Guide

What is the easiest way to clean fabric blinds?

For any kind of fabric blind (honeycomb/cellular, Roman, pleated), using your vacuum is the best way to clean fabric blinds. As with wood blinds, make it a habit to give fabric blinds a quick once over every time you vacuum your floors.

How do you remove mildew from fabric roller blinds?

Cleaning mould on your roller blinds with detergent and water: you can remove mould by using a cloth, clear mould detergent and lukewarm water. If this doesn’t do the job, try using lemon juice with salt and leave to dry before wiping down thoroughly.

Are fabric roller shades easy to clean?

Much like cellular shades, roller shades can be cleaned with an easy sweep of your vacuum cleaner brush attachment or wiped down with a damp cloth. Because the shade surface is smooth, cleaning time is negligible.

Can fabric blinds be washed?

You CAN wash fabric blinds. This video will show you how to clean them if they’ve become dirty. Note: Never submerge fabric blinds in water as it could cause slats to lose their shape or create rust in internal mechanisms.

How do professionals clean blinds?

Professional ultrasonic blind cleaning is the recommended method for most types of blinds. This method involves immersing the blinds into a cleaning tank filled with water and eco-friendly cleaning solutions.

How do you clean fabric roller blinds without removing them?

Cleaning with a vacuum You can easily incorporate cleaning your Roller blind into your usual vacuuming routine. Start by rolling it down to the closed position then use your vacuum’s upholstery brush attachment to gently remove dust and dirt.

How to clean fabric blinds without removing them?

Use a fabric or upholstery spray foam cleaner on these targeted areas. Wipe the areas gently with a clean, damp cloth or sponge in the direction of the pleats. Follow up by blotting with a dry cloth, removing excess water. Wait until the shades are completely dry before rehanging them.

Can you use vinegar to clean roller blinds?

If you find that mould has grown on your blinds, you can take the fabric to a dry cleaner for removal. You can also use a fabric-safe cleaning agent that specifically targets mould spores. White vinegar and lemon juice may kill mould spores and help to remove stains from blinds without harming the fabric.

What is the best cleaner for roller blinds?

Use a mild laundry detergent rather than soap or dishwashing liquid as this will be the kindest to your blind’s fabric. After an hour, check your blind for stains. Examine both sides and spot-clean where necessary using a cloth or sponge. Rinse the blinds.

What is the best thing to clean roller blinds?

Mix a tablespoon of soap and a litre of water until the water turns sudsy. Don’t use harsh chemicals or bleach, as these can discolour the blinds! Next, submerge a dish towel or sponge in the water and wring it out to remove excess water.

How often should you clean fabric blinds?

“Dusting once a week or two weeks is often enough to clean your blinds, but sometimes dust will stick to them, especially in the kitchen where grease will accumulate on the blinds,” San Angelo notes. For this type of grime, reach for a microfiber cloth dampened with warm water.

How do you dry blinds after washing?

The drying process varies for different types of blinds. For instance, wooden blinds should be wiped with a dry cloth and not exposed to excessive moisture, whereas fabric blinds can be hung outside or in a well-ventilated area to air dry.

Can you clean fabric blinds with a steam cleaner?

Steam Clean You can use a steam cleaner while the blinds are still up on the window, but be gentle with the fabric, as you don’t want to scald the material or saturate it with too much water.

Can you machine wash fabric vertical blinds?

You’ll need to check the specific material specifications that your blinds are made of and specific cleaning information. Fabric vertical blinds can be wiped over with a damp cloth, or put through a delicate wash in the washing machine.

What is the best tool to clean blinds with?

The TikTok blind cleaning hack Ideal for cleaning slatted window blinds quickly, this three-pronged duster instantly wipes grime from both the top and bottom of slats. The set comes with five microfiber cloth covers that can be machine-washed to remove dust and grime after use.

How to keep blinds dust free?

Cleaning experts suggest that if you have closed your blinds, grab your feather duster or cloth to effectively get rid of dust. Dust one side of the slats from one end to the other, or from the topmost slat to the bottommost slat. Then dust the other side.

How to clean fabric blinds without removing them in washing?

To clean any stains, dampen a cloth with water and mild soap. Gently dab and pat the stains, but don’t rub, as this can damage the fabric. 4. Once the stains are gone, dry the blinds with a hair dryer on a low setting or leave them to air dry completely.

What is the easiest way to wash blinds without taking them down?

Step 1: Slip a clean sock over your hand and dip it in a 50/50 solution of white vinegar and water — it’s a very effective blind cleaner. Step 2: Channel your inner puppeteer and swipe the sock over each slat for a quick and easy blind cleaning.

How do you clean dirty blinds without taking them down?

To remove stubborn stains and sticky residue from metal, vinyl or faux wood blinds while they are hanging, dip a microfiber cloth in a bowl of warm water mixed with a few drops of dishwashing liquid. Wipe slats with the damp microfiber cloth.

How to remove stains from fabric blinds?

To remove stains from fabric blinds, it’s important to check the care instructions and choose a stain remover that won’t damage the type of fabric. You can use a soft toothbrush to gently scrub the spot to help lift the stain. Always read the labels of the cleaning products you are using.

How do you clean roller blinds?

Scrub the blinds gently on both sides using a soft-bristled brush. Start at one end of the blinds, and using your soft-bristled brush, scrub them from left to right, moving downward until you’ve reached the other end. Then, flip the blinds over and do the same to the backside of the roller blinds.

How do you clean roller shades?

When you’re done wiping your roller shades, leave them lowered to air dry. If you have fabric roller shades, they should only be dusted – do not clean them with water. Use the brush attachment of your vacuum and sweep across the fabric while you support the shades from the back. This prevents the fabric from being crumpled and sucked into the hose.

Can You Wash PVC roller blinds by hand?

You might be tempted to remove the fabric from the headrail and toss it in the washing machine for a quick fix, but this can cause damage to the blind due to the spinning motion. You should only ever wash your roller blind by hand. How do you clean PVC roller blinds?

Keeping Your Fabric Roller Blinds Spotless: A Comprehensive Guide

Fabric roller blinds are a popular choice for many homes, offering a stylish and practical solution to window coverings. However, over time, these blinds can accumulate dust, dirt, and even stains, which can not only detract from their appearance but also affect their functionality. As someone who has dealt with this issue myself, I’m here to share my tried-and-true methods for cleaning fabric roller blinds, ensuring they look their best and continue to serve their purpose effectively.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand the materials your fabric roller blinds are made of. This will help guide the cleaning process and ensure you don’t damage the delicate fabric. Most fabric roller blinds are made of materials like polyester, cotton, or a blend of the two. These fabrics are generally durable and can withstand gentle cleaning methods.

To start, I recommend dusting the blinds regularly with a soft-bristled brush or a microfiber cloth. This will help prevent the buildup of dust and debris, which can become more challenging to remove over time. Be sure to dust both the front and back of the blinds, as well as the mechanisms that control the opening and closing of the blinds.

If your fabric roller blinds have developed more stubborn stains or accumulated dirt, it’s time to move on to a deeper cleaning. Begin by lightly misting the blinds with a mixture of warm water and a mild detergent or fabric-safe cleaner. Avoid using harsh chemicals or scrubbing too vigorously, as this can damage the fabric. Gently wipe the blinds down with a clean, damp cloth, taking care to remove any residual soap or cleaner.

For tougher stains, you may need to use a more targeted approach. I suggest spot-cleaning the affected areas with a small amount of the detergent or cleaner, using a soft-bristled brush or a clean, damp cloth to gently work the solution into the fabric. Blot the area with a clean, dry cloth to absorb any excess moisture.

Once you’ve finished cleaning the fabric, it’s essential to ensure the blinds are completely dry before reinstalling them. This will prevent any water stains or mold from developing. I recommend leaving the blinds fully extended and allowing them to air-dry in a well-ventilated area. Depending on the humidity and temperature in your home, this process can take several hours to a full day.

If your fabric roller blinds have any cords or mechanisms that control the opening and closing, be sure to clean those as well. Gently wipe them down with a damp cloth to remove any built-up dirt or debris. This will help ensure your blinds continue to operate smoothly.

When it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your fabric roller blinds, prevention is key. I suggest establishing a regular cleaning routine, such as dusting them once a week or deep-cleaning them every few months, depending on the level of use and exposure to dirt and dust in your home. This will help keep your blinds looking their best and extending their lifespan.

Finally, it’s important to note that the specific cleaning methods I’ve outlined may vary depending on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Always be sure to check the care instructions provided with your fabric roller blinds or reach out to the manufacturer for any specific guidance.


Q: Can I use a vacuum cleaner to clean my fabric roller blinds?
A: Yes, you can use a vacuum cleaner with a soft-bristled brush attachment to gently remove dust and debris from the surface of your fabric roller blinds. Be sure to use the lowest suction setting to avoid damaging the delicate fabric.

Q: Is it safe to machine wash my fabric roller blinds?
A: It’s generally not recommended to machine wash fabric roller blinds, as the agitation and heat can damage the fabric and potentially cause the blinds to lose their shape or functionality. Stick to gentle spot-cleaning and air-drying methods for best results.

Q: How often should I clean my fabric roller blinds?
A: The frequency of cleaning will depend on the level of dust, dirt, and stains your blinds accumulate. As a general rule, I suggest dusting them weekly and deep-cleaning them every 3-6 months, or as needed based on their condition.

Q: Can I use bleach or other harsh chemicals to clean my fabric roller blinds?
A: No, I would not recommend using bleach or other harsh chemicals on your fabric roller blinds. These can be too abrasive and may damage the fabric, causing discoloration or weakening the fibers. Stick to mild detergents or fabric-safe cleaners for the best results.

Q: How can I prevent my fabric roller blinds from getting dirty in the first place?
A: To help prevent dirt and dust buildup on your fabric roller blinds, you can:

  • Dust them regularly with a soft-bristled brush or microfiber cloth
  • Keep windows and nearby surfaces clean to minimize airborne particles
  • Consider using a roller blind cover or valance to help protect the fabric when the blinds are not in use

By following these tips and the cleaning methods I’ve outlined, you can keep your fabric roller blinds looking their best for years to come. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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