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What to Do with a Spare Room: Explore Exciting Ideas

What should I do with extra space in my room?

Relax in a Lounge Space A bonus room is the perfect spot to create your own private lounge area. This room can be used for a quiet reading area, a cozy nap space, or watching your favorite television show. Add a chaise lounge or armchair, fluffy pillows, and blankets, and let the relaxation wash over you.

Is SpareRoom any good?

SpareRoom is great for finding a room in a house share quickly. You can select what kind of people you’d like to live with and what ages. It’s the safest and easiest way to find a room quickly. Today, with over 3 million visits per month, SpareRoom is the UK’s leading flat- and house-share website in the UK.

How do you use a second living room?

Home Office: Turn your extra living room into a functional home office space by adding a desk, ergonomic chair, bookshelves, and proper lighting. Game Room: Convert the formal living room into a fun game room with a pool table, foosball table, board games, and a large TV perfect for video game nights.

How to make a small bedroom cozy?

Add Texture It makes a room feel cozy instead of cold. I mean, we’re trying to avoid the feeling of cramped, cold, cell here, right? Adding a textured rug, linens, throw pillows, wall art, baskets, and curtains are all items I routinely use to add texture and interest.

How do I change my boring room?

Hang some wall art. Hang one big piece, put up a few small items in an interesting way, or go all out and make a gallery wall. If framing artwork is out of your budget, you can get creative with washi tape and DIY printouts of pictures from le internet.

Why does no one reply on SpareRoom?

If the ad is very popular, the user may be inundated with messages and it may take them some time to sort through them and respond to everyone who got in touch. If the user decides for whatever reason that you are unsuitable for the room, they may choose to not respond for fear of offending you.

Who is SpareRoom owned by?

SpareRoom is the brainchild of Rupert Hunt. Rupert is an unlikely tech entrepreneur. He lives in a 300-year-old house with no TV and no microwave. Nevertheless, he’s built the UK’s busiest flatsharing website.

How many people use SpareRoom?

Our detailed listing and search facilities allow you to specify all sorts of different criteria to help find the ideal flatmate for you. The average age of SpareRoom’s 2 million+ registered users is 32.

Is it safe to rent on SpareRoom?

Don’t be scared. By exercising a little caution you will vastly reduce the risk of anything untoward happening to you. The vast majority of Student SpareRoom transactions are safe and secure because we invest time, money and staff hours into making sure they are. Good luck finding a room!

Why do I barely leave my room?

It can feel like something is physically preventing you from moving. Like there’s nothing worth getting out of bed for or there’s too much to do. Or even like as if the world is too loud or you don’t belong. Shame, obligations, work, school, or relationships can make you want to sit out of everything.

Why do people have two living rooms?

But after World War II, many home planners added a second living area, as baby boomers started their families and moved to the suburbs. “The latter afforded the opportunity for larger homes to have a separate formal living room and the more casual family room,” says Philadelphia-based interior designer Glenna Stone.

How often should you redo your living room?

While the average time in between revamps may be around three to five years, it will, of course, depend on your individual circumstances and preferences.

What is a pass through room?

The pass-through living room is one that has multiple doorways that allow you to get from one area of the house to another.

What are three uses of living room?

A living room is a room in a home that’s used for entertaining friends, talking, reading, or watching television. If you’re a couch potato, you most likely spend lots of time in your living room. You can also call a living room a lounge, a sitting room, a front room, or a parlor.

What are some good spare room ideas?

Ahead, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite spare room ideas for you to try. Don’t be afraid to stack the function of each space. For example, if you’re envisioning a music room, but it also happens to be the only spare room for your guests, add in a day bed or pull-out couch to maximize function.

What can you do with a spare bedroom?

Spare bedrooms tend to be on the smaller side, but most will fit a desk and a chair, especially if you opt for a space-saving day bed rather than a full-sized double bed. Add a stylish lamp and you have your own writer’s nook, or mini home office. 6. Use it as a sewing room Good with the sewing machine?

Should you use your spare room as a project space?

If you’re into a hobby that requires space and needs to be out of reach of kids or pets, turning your spare room into a project space is perfect. A corkboard makes it easy to keep tasks, ideas, and deadlines visible and easily changed out.

How do I decorate my spare room?

Knowing how much money you can spend will help you decide. Many people prefer to decorate their rooms with a theme. You may want to use existing decor items or items you wish to buy as inspiration for what to do with your spare room. How can I make my spare room look nice? The best way to make your spare room look great is by using decor pieces.

Here is a 512 word article about what to do with a spare room, written in an informal, spoken voice, using the personal pronoun “I”:

What to Do with a Spare Room

You know, having an extra room in your home can be both a blessing and a challenge. On one hand, it’s extra space that you can utilize however you like. But on the other hand, it can be tough to figure out exactly what to do with that room, especially if you’re not using it on a regular basis.

I’ve been in that situation before, and I’ve found that there are all sorts of great ways you can make use of a spare room. It really comes down to your needs, your interests, and your lifestyle. Let me share some of the top ideas I’ve come across.

One of the most popular ways to use a spare room is as a home office or study. If you work from home at all, even if it’s just occasionally, having a dedicated workspace can be incredibly helpful. You can set it up with a desk, a comfortable chair, and all the tech equipment you need to be productive. It gives you a quiet, distraction-free zone to get work done. And if you don’t need it for work, it can serve as a cozy spot for reading, writing, or just escaping the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house.

Another great option is to turn the spare room into a home gym. Fitness equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, weight racks, and yoga mats don’t take up too much space, and having them all in one designated area can motivate you to work out more consistently. Plus, it means you don’t have to leave the house to get a good sweat session in.

If you have kids, a spare room can make an awesome playroom. Load it up with toys, books, games, and arts and crafts supplies, and let the little ones go wild in their own special space. This not only gives them a fun area to call their own, but it also helps keep the rest of your home a little more tidy and organized.

Maybe you’re more of a creative type. In that case, you could transform the spare room into an art studio or sewing room. Set it up with easels, paint supplies, sewing machines, fabric, and anything else you need to unleash your artistic talents. Having a dedicated creative space can be really inspiring and help you stay motivated with your hobbies.

And of course, you can always use a spare room for hosting guests. Whether it’s family members visiting for the holidays or friends crashing for the weekend, having a comfortable guest room is so handy. Outfit it with a nice bed, some nightstands, a dresser, and maybe even an en-suite bathroom if you have the space.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making use of a spare room. The key is to think about your needs and lifestyle, and then choose the option that will enhance your home the most. It might take a little bit of trial and error, but I’m confident you’ll find the perfect way to utilize that extra space.


Q: Do I need to renovate the spare room before using it?
A: Not necessarily. While you may want to do some light renovations like painting the walls or installing new flooring, a spare room can often be used as-is, especially if it’s in fairly good shape already.

Q: How do I decide what to use the spare room for?
A: Consider your needs and interests. Do you work from home? Do you have kids? Are you an artist or crafter? Think about how you could best utilize the extra space to improve your home life.

Q: What if I change my mind later on how I want to use the spare room?
A: That’s totally fine! Spare rooms are versatile, so you can always repurpose them down the line if your needs or preferences change. The great thing is you have the flexibility to adjust the room as your life evolves.

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